Welcome to the wondrous world of Pagus Tyesle. A fantasy setting by Creeps & Sheep, where everything is based on Dutch myths and sagas.

Welcome to the wondrous world of Pagus Tyesle. A fantasy setting by Creeps & Sheep, where everything is based on Dutch myths and sagas.

About us

Comic book fanatic Guido Paulsen and comic fan Boy Akkerman started making comic books in 2010. Guido wrote and Boy illustrated. The collaboration became such a success and both Guido and Boy published works both together and individually in the promised land of comics: The USA! A lot of comics were also published in the Netherlands, amongst which Robinson Mesj and Team 010.

But then, about 4 years ago, Boy took Guido on an adventure in the wondrous world of D&D. Both are now hooked on this game and, considering they have learnt all they need to know, they felt it was time to bring out their own D&D adventures. Because Guido, a historian, had further ignited Boy’s existing interest in history, it was decided to intertwine the adventures with Dutch sagas and legends.


The Reasons You’ll Love It

The Flying Dutchman

The ship sails straight at you… at high speed. Its sails are as red as blood and it moves… headfirst into the wind!

What will you do? Fancy a blood-curdling, exciting, funny, yet spooky adventure? Do you have sea legs? Then this is the adventure for you! The Flying Dutchman is a battle of wits and strength you cannot resist. Or is your crew able to stop these blood-thirsty pirates? We, from Creeps & Sheep, don’t think you can but you’re free to try. For a great experience and fun evening, based on the legend of the flying Dutchman.


A terrible storm, a little village far removed from the inhabited world, a story about a catty witch. But there’s also the opportunity to do some beachcombing. Will you let this chance pass you by?

I wouldn’t! There is a lot to gain in this adventure but, fair enough, there is also a lot to lose because this isn’t for the faint-hearted. The choice is yours, if you make the correct one you get an adventure with riddles, fights, and loads of (un)answered questions. You might even finish the adventure with your pockets filled. But we’re not going to divulge everything. Akkes Kill by Creeps & sheep is, again, based on a Dutch legend.

Just can’t get enough?

Take a one shot! Cheers

Seething Sea Wife
Well, if you really don’t like the other players, add this one. You’ll be sure to turn it into a mission impossible. Finally, a fun evening for the DM. An awesome adventure with Mangasurfers and a sea wife. Oof… good luck with that one!

What’s that rustling in the bushes? Yes, you’d like to know what that was but trust us, you do not want to find out! Get out of there! If you do find out, it means you purchased our oneshot. Pretty smart. An amazing addition to nearly all the adventures in 5e

In the pipeline…

Something with sheep. Yes… sheep. We must live up to our name, mustn’t we? So, something with sheep. An adventure with little shouting but a lot of wool. Because you had better be quiet when these lambs of horror are closeby. There are also floating things, skins sold dearly and much more! Will you come out unscathed? Count your blessings and not the sheep.

Available soon, so keep you eye on Creeps & Sheep!

Who we are

The sheep – Boy Akkerman

“Boy Akkerman, also known as the most talented and influential illustrators of his generation.” – Boy’s mum

Known for: Captain Ultimate (Monkeybrain Comics), Metro 101, Captain Roffa
Instagram: @boy_akkerman

The Creep – Guido Paulsen

“Dwarfologist, has a gnome fetish and is the best screenplay writer ever. Yet Guido would rather pick up a pint than a pen.” – Guido’s disappointed mum

Known for: Team 010, Robinson Mesj,
Instagram: @paulsenguido

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